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Students Accommodation Service (Age 18+)

Students Accommodation Service (Age 18+): London

We work with an award-winning student accommodation agency located in Central London. Since 2013 we provide our clients with both short and long-term accommodation, from 2 weeks up to 51 in more than 20 locations. We are leaders in finding the greatest “home far from home” for our students and we pride ourselves to offer a 5 stars customer service for 5 stars experience at our rooms.

Length of residence: 2 weeks - 51 weeks

Apartment type: Student Residences; Service Apartments

Apartment Location: All over central London. Within 5-30 minutes’ walk or subway from various universities

Apartment facilities: bedding, refrigerator, washing machine, desk, chair, gym, kitchen

Apartment price: £195-£485 per week (including bills) depending on room type, floor, length of stay

We all have suitable student apartments within the transportation range.


University of London

London School of Economics

London Business School

King's College, London

Queen Mary University

City College London

University of Greenwich

And more

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