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UK School Integration Programme

Suitable age: 7-18 years old

Enrolled school: UK primary and secondary schools (rated as good and above)

Intake: during the UK term time

Duration: 2 -10 weeks

Fees: vary depending on the school and the length of time.

Many international students choose this programme as good preparation for studying or working in an all-English environment in the future. Through this experience, they can quickly improve their English proficiency.

Partner schools

The partner schools we have selected are all excellent schools rated as “Good” “Outstanding”, “Excellent” and “Satisfied” by Ofsted (UK Government for Standards in Education, Children’s service and Skills) Which is the Quality Evaluation Agency of the Ministry of Education

The schools are located in a quiet and relaxing countryside, ensuring a safe and relaxing environment for students, and with plenty of outdoor sports and leisure places. At the same time, we provide students with plenty of opportunities to visit nearby towns and surrounding cultural and historical attractions.


We provide safe and friendly homestays for students who join this programme. All host families are friendly and reliable and have gone through a criminal record check. The host families are close to the chosen school, within walking distance or at the bus stop of the short journey. The host family provides accommodation and meals (lunch is provided by the school), as well as laundry and ironing services.

School uniforms and textbooks

We provide all exercise books, textbooks, and folders. Students only need to bring their stationery, such as pencils and pens. Schools require uniforms. We will assist in purchasing them for students.

School holiday arrangements

During the term time, if there is a school holiday, students can choose to live with the host family, or join our special learning & travelling holiday programme or just take a trip. If the student chooses to return to the home country for vacation, we can assist in arranging flight tickets and airport transfers.

Typical UK school daily schedule

In a typical state school, there is a morning assembly, the whole school gathers in the school hall, and the headmaster or principal uses 30 to 45 minutes to announce important notices. Then the students will return to the classroom to start the first lesson. Each student who joins the class will be assigned with a UK student in the same class as the "buddy’’.

The buddy will accompany the student to participate in various lessons and activities, such as history, geography, physical education, computer, drama, baking class, etc., and help the student understand and adapt to school life. At lunchtime, a buddy takes the student to the dining hall to join with other students. After school, the student returns to the host family.

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