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Study in UK: Preparatory & Public School (Age 3-18)

Based on the student and family’s circumstance, we provide professional service for school selection, application process, interview preparation, school visit, as well as communication between the family and the school.

Services include:

1. Design the bespoke education plan base on student’s profile

2. Accompany the family to meet the Headmaster of the chosen private school in the UK

3. Provide professional advice in selecting the schools

4. Assist with the application form, registration, and paying the registration fee

5. Communicate with the school to confirm the interview and test time

6. Accompany the company to visit the applied school

7. Assist in translation and communication with the school

8. Conduct professional interview skills training for students

9. Arrange tuition for entrance exam

10. Assist in preparing UKVI documents

11. Assist in enrolment

12. Assist in communication with the school at the beginning of the term

13. Arrange Airport transportation

14. Host family arrangement

15. Guardianship service

16. Tuition service

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